We Are Cognex Vision For Southern California Industry

Sobel Imaging Systems is a Southern California-based company focused on providing Machine Vision solutions to the automation industry. We exclusively offer Cognex Vision sensors and have established key partnerships with best-in-class machine vision lighting manufacturers such as CCS America, Smart Vision Lights and Advanced illumination.  We also supply our customers with secure and flexible vision sensor and lighting mounting systems from Swivel Link.
For those wanting to add vision to their industrial process, we also build custom vision systems using Cognex sensors.

What is Machine Vision?

Machine Vision refers to the methods and technology used to provide imaging-based automatic inspection and analysis for a variety of applications such as automatic inspection, identification (using bar or data matrix codes), process control and robot guidance.

How does it work?

A specialized vision sensor collects an image of an item then processes the image as required by the on-board In-Sight software. The vision sensor gives one or more pass/fail signals (or other information) which cause the unwanted item to be removed from the process line.  Different vision sensors are available for a variety of needs. Specialty lighting is often needed to produce a clearly defined image that can be processed quickly and accurately by the vision sensor.

Sobel Imaging Systems: Industrial Automation With Vision