We Solve Vision

At Sobel Imaging Systems all we do is Machine Vision. We have over 30 years combined experience starting up vision systems that work in real world, industrial environments like yours. We fully understand that vision systems cannot be sold like most other industrial distribution products and we want you to know how we approach machine vision. Here is our process to ensuring a successful vision project:

On Site assessment of the application We want to ensure that we fully understand the needs and requirements of the vision application and the part(s) we need to inspect. We also understand that vision applications don’t get solved in a vacuum because they frequently need to interact with other surrounding automation devices. Our experience is deep with interfacing vision to Robots, Servos, PLCs, PCs and other devices common in automated manufacturing environments. We use this experience to solve your application.

Thorough Testing of the Application We have an extensive inventory of demonstration vision sensors, lenses and specialty lights that we use to determine the optimal setup to solve the application. We clearly demonstrate our solution before we ask for a commitment from the customer.

Detailed Proposal We won’t just provide a Bill Of Materials for our quote. Our proposals clearly articulate how the vision system will solve the application, identify all associated costs, provide the implementation schedule and include our Performance Guarantee.

Performance Guarantee We are one of the few Vision Suppliers who will commit in writing to a Performance Guarantee. In most cases, the customer is not obligated to pay for the system until the requirements have been met and the customer is satisfied with the performance of the vision system.

Post Project Support The majority of our business comes from repeat business from existing customers. We have built a solid reputation of supporting our vision systems.