Why Cognex?

Sobel Imaging Systems is proud to exclusively use Cognex products and software for our vision systems. We have over twenty combined years of experience with machine vision systems and we believe Cognex represents the best in class in machine vision. Here’s why:

Widest Product Selection
Cognex offers the widest range of vision systems from the most sophisticated PC-based system to the simple and cost-effective image sensors. Cognex is also the world leader in image-based ID products. Cognex does it all!
Most users rely on the In-Sight line of Cognex vision sensors or the DataMan ID readers.
In-Sight vision sensors are programmed using the capable In-Sight Software to identify, measure, gauge or your item as you need. The DataMan ID readers quickly and reliable read barcodes and two-dimensional matrix codes that have been applied to items, boxes or parts. We know that one-size-fits all is not cost-effective when it comes to machine vision. With Cognex, you buy the sensor which is right for your application.

Most Capable Software
The Cognex In-Sight line of vision sensors are programmed using In-Sight software. In-Sight software can be used in the EasyBuilder mode for straightforward applications or the Spreadsheet mode for applications requiring a greater degree of sophistication. Congex maintains an In-Sight update program to add capabilities and support for new vision sensors.

Constant Stream of Innovative New Products
On-going innovative product development has positioned Cognex as recognized world leader in machine vision for the past twenty-plus years. In 2011, Cognex released the DataMan 500, a barcode reader having the ability to reliably read poor quality or damaged barcodes from any angle. Unlike a laser scan-type barcode reader, the DataMan has no moving parts. The DataMan 500 also has an image decode rate of 270 per second! In 2012, Cognex rolled out the IS7000-series product line of vision sensors having nineteen different configurations. The In-Sight 7010 is a completely self contained unit that includes autofocus optics, integrated lighting and a IP-67-rating making it water-tight to one meter deep!

Simply put, Cognex vision works!