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Machine Vision Tips and Tricks
Those involved with machine vision systems pick up their share of tricks and tips. This page is where we share our tricks and tips. Please contact us if have any questions you would like to see answered on these pages.

Machine Vision Lighting

Lighting can make the all the difference when it comes to solving a machine vision application. Our pages show a number of different lighting devices used in the machine vision industry. Those new to machine vision often ask us why so many lights exist. Good machine vision lighting is all about knowing what specific feature you need the vision sensor to recognize and which lighting pattern and light frequency are needed to show those features. Below, we present an illustration which shows how four different lights (produced by CCS America) reveal different features on a Japanese 500 yen coin. We think the CCS America website provides good technical guidance and we recommend those who would like to learn more visit the CCS America website.


Introduction to Machine Vision from Cognex

Machine Vision is used is so many diverse applications that it can be difficult to describe exactly what it is. We think this Cognex video does a pretty good job introducing machine vision to those who may be unfamiliar.

Good Vision Tip: Backing up and restoring your In-Sight job files

InSight job files reside on most Cognex vision sensors. Do you have a backup copy? This video explains how to back up and restore an InSight job file.